Digital Region

Superfast broadband

Digital Region shareholders have today released the following statement in relation to the forthcoming closure of the network:

It was announced by Digital Region on 15 August 2013 that its shareholders had agreed that a managed closedown of the network offered the most cost-effective deal for the public.  This was due to the substantial ongoing costs of continuing with the project, particularly in light of the significant developments in the broadband market since DRL’s inception, rendering DRL no longer commercially viable.

Since that announcement, DRL has been exploring the basis for the network closure that would result in the best possible deal for taxpayers.

The network will formally be closed on 14 August 2014.  Over the last few months, DRL has, therefore, been communicating with the various ISPs to ensure that they work towards that deadline.  DRL’s contractual arrangements are with the ISPs, not their end users, which is why communications have been between DRL and the ISPs and not directly with the end users.  In the few instances where an end user has contacted DRL with queries about the network closure, DRL has referred that end user back to their relevant ISP.

DRL will continue to work hard over the next few months to ensure that the transition for ISPs is as smooth and efficient as possible and will continue to encourage ISPs to minimise any disruption to the services they provide to their customers.