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Digital Region for Internet Service Providers – Lead the way for Digital Britain!

Digital Region is one of the first Superfast Broadband network in the UK with open access. This offers the industry – Internet Service Providers and content-providers – a unique opportunity in gaining advantage in the digital industry.

  • Access to a new market – South Yorkshire and it’s 1.2 million residents is the only region in the UK which will have Superfast broadband available to the vast majority of it’s population (97%)
  • New markets to business customers. ISP customers will be able to access a concentrated market of end-users – they can tailor services to their needs and obtain economies of scale and differentiation in their businesses
  • New services to customers. ISPs will be able to offer customers new services and applications, only feasible because of the unique service functions of the network. They will also be able to offer a tailored managed service, supplying the relevant broadband required – freeing up surplus broadband for other users
  • Opportunity to test new broadband services and content. ISPs and their customers can use the region as a test-bed to pilot innovative and leading edge applications and services. This will help put them at the forefront of the industry and will de-risk the launch of new services

(Note: these services will be made available by service providers not directly by Digital Region).

How can I get it?

Building of the Digital Region Network began at end of June 2009 and will take three years to build.

Digital Region now has four Internet Service Providers signed up to provide services across the network, while discussions are ongoing with many other ISP's who are also interested in offering their services across the DRL network. Below are the four current ISP's to have signed up as well as their contact details:

Digital Region Broadband South Yorkshire (DRBSY)

DRBSY is a new start-up ISP within the South Yorkshire area. Their expertise is in managing network services, ensuring high availability and enabling organisations across South Yorkshire to reduce costs.

t: 0114 299 7260

RiPWiRE are a privately owned company. They specialise in cutting edge wireless technologies, media delivery and mobility solutions.

t: 0114 303 0096

Lyndos provides Voice, Application and Data connectivity services to UK businesses. Utilizing their secure and resilient network they can deliver scalable and flexible fibre/wireless connections anywhere.

t: 0845 838 0541


ask4 were formed in 2000 to provide Internet access services to Multiple Tenanted Unit (MTU) developments in the UK.

t: 0845 123 8710

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